Homes Sold by Jim Biava
(Duplicate addresses sold more than once) 

3451-47th Ave SW



101 W Comstock Street



5253-49th Ave SW


3449-58th Ave SW



9008-34th Ave SW



3235 California Ave SW


308 E. Summit #201



4444-44th Ave SW #305



120 W Highland Drive


10026-33rd Ave SW



8657-32nd Ave SW



12840-35th Ave S


1810 SW Shoreview Lane



8857-18th Ave SW



9254-23rd Ave SW


3615 SW 106th Street



7743-37th Ave SW



6533-44th Ave SW


4816-51st Ave SW



16703 Maplewild Ave S



5817-20th Ave S


1819 E. Denny #105



7742-30th Ave SW



4214 SW Raymond Street


11033 Greenwood Ave N



3930 SW Kenyon Street



4022-53rd Ave SW


9818-32nd Ave SW



7526-31st Ave SW



1036 SW 124th Street


5325-47th Ave SW



6373 Section Ave



2621 Marine Ave SW


3824-51st Ave SW



630 SW 128th Street



10447-35th Ave SW


3925 SW 106th Street



9016 Fauntleroy Way SW



7525-13th Ave SW


3200-62nd Ave SW



3822-57th Ave SW



11001 Marine View Drive SW


3609-46th Ave SW



2612 SW Nevada Street



5953-38th Ave SW


3225 NW 62nd Street



6533-44th Ave SW



7751-26th Ave SW


3227 NW 62nd Street



601 W Mercer Place #202



1737 Harbor Ave SW #405


9727-34th Ave SW



3224 SW Genesee Street



2349 Fauntleroy Way SW


2640-47th Ave SW



134 SW 116th Street #H



2145 SW 116th Street


3318 SW Hinds Street



5702 SW Admiral Way



5117 SW Charlestown Street


2033-2nd Ave #2009



4802-187th Place S #A106



3900-55th Ave SW


7335 Dumar Way SW



10417-35th Ave SW



5422-35th Ave SW


9408-13th Ave SW



4832-51st Ave SW



7737-33rd Ave NW


2601 SW 172nd Street



601 W Mercer Place #302



6778-41st Ave SW


6519-21st Ave NW



9611-41st Ave SW



9623-41st Ave SW


5645 SW Orleans



6741-13th Ave SW



9038-14th Ave SW


2033-2nd Ave #1101



2635 SW 104th Street



10051-41st Ave SW


3725 SW Webster Street



3912 SW Kenyon Street



134 SW 116th Street


7459 Gatewood Road SW



3303 SW 100th Street



9233-3rd Ave SW


22635 SE 44th Place



11837-26th Ave SW



20332-102nd Ave SE


8474 Tillicum Ave SW



3206 20th Street SE



3544 SW 110th Street


2815A SW Nevada Street



3647-50th Ave SW



10602-1st Ave SW


348 W. Olympic Place #202



3632-44th Ave SW



11837-26th Ave SW


326 Queen Anne Ave N #403



4115 SW Charlestown Street



4552-46th Ave SW


3632-44th Ave SW



8448-17th Ave SW



4115 SW Charlestown Street


530-4th Ave W #208



3721 SW Thistle Street



1622 S 264th Place


3224 SW Genesee Street



3940 SW Kenyon Street



4138-49th Ave SW


3225-47th Ave SW



1701 SW Dawson Street



11927-26th Place SW


5100-46th Ave S



8657-18th Ave SW



9430-45th Ave SW


4617 SW Stevens Street



3240-42nd Ave SW



11401 Marine View Drive SW


4702 SW Juneau Street



7409-115th Place NE



9044-14th Ave SW


1415-2nd Ave #504



4948 SW Forney Street



4115 SW Holgate Street


7518-18th Ave NW



14008-43rd Ave S



543 S 158th Street


4022-53rd Ave SW



4756-51st Ave SW



14008-43rd S


21925-7th Ave S



8812-40th Ave SW



3221 Avalon Way SW


1810 SW Shoreview Lane



7019-47th Ave SW #19



7329-39th Ave SW


10815 Marine View Drive SW



1700 SW Austin Street



11405 Marine View Drive SW


19045-1st Place SW



3427 Belvidere Ave SW



Lot W of 11405 Marine Vw Dr


12277 Shorewood Drive SW



3010-61st Ave SW Unit C



6019-18th Ave SW


3221 Avalon Way SW #308



8137-28th Ave SW



8639 Fauntleroy Way SW


820 S 120th Street



6007 SW Admiral Way



21925-7th Ave S #110


8114-7th Ave SW



1634 Sunset Ave SW



11927-26th Place S


10614 Glen Acres Dr S



11401 Marine View Drive SW



10815 Marine View Drive SW


9040-11th Ave SW



9827-47th Ave SW



3032-62nd Ave SW


8461-35th Ave SW



10522-39th Ave SW



17308-32nd Ave S


9804-49th Ave SW



7526-31st Ave SW



3243-42nd Ave SW


5123 SW Admiral Way



1318 SW Webster Street



8434-41st Ave SW


5023-42nd Ave SW



8117-16th Ave SW



5406-36th Ave SW


11311-34th Ave SW



3927 SW Frontenac Street



4826-51st Ave SW


2725-51st Ave SW



3504 SW 108th Street



5260-44th Ave SW


7346-19th Ave SW



506 E Howell Street #E508



5710 SW Winthrop Street


7417 Gatewood Road SW



11605-10th Ave SW



4126-53rd Ave SW


5642-44th Ave SW



4705 SW Juneau Street



4555-53rd Ave SW


3603 SW Myrtle Street



10204-24th Ave SW



3451 SW 105th Street


7325 Blake Place SW



6755-41st Ave SW



4735-47th Ave SW


8829-9th Ave SW



3941 SW Monroe Street



3817-54th Ave SW


3603 SW Myrtle Street



9643 Vineyard Crest



3657 SW Othello Street


9725-32nd Ave SW



Lot N of 7720-45th Ave SW



9053-3rd Ave S


5411-45th Ave SW



2825 SW 114th Street



4117-46th Ave SW


4043 Fauntleroy Way SW



3909 SW Kenyon Street



10001-31st Ave SW


3646-22nd Ave SW



3634-246th SE



3119 SW 105th Street


8657-18th Ave SW



3446-38th Ave SW



11258-26th Ave SW


24021-9th Place S



5706 SW Admiral Way



2736-47th Ave SW


2125 California Ave SW #204



5033-35TH Ave SW



4125-44th Ave SW


16832-12th Ave SW



13455-1st Ave SW



7907-28th Ave SW


2614 SW 112th Street



17020-24th Ave SW



3925 SW 106th Street


9275-46th Ave SW



10438-34th Ave SW



10424-35th Ave SW


3722 Beach Drive SW #102



9448-24th Ave SW



3603-SW 110th Street


8448-17th Ave SW



10815 Marine View Drive SW



4743-50th Ave SW


Lot S of 9425-7th Ave SW



3029-36th Ave SW



11420-11th Ave SW


1904-47th Ave SW



Lot E of 5211 SW Forest Ct



2307-50th Ave SW


8414-31st Ave SW



8427-32nd Ave SW



11804-23rd Ave SW


2721-45th Ave SW



5206 SW Charlestown Street



3000 SW Avalon Way #15


12243 Shorewood Drive SW



2349 Fauntleroy Way SW



3911 SW Austin Street


7337 California Ave SW



4031 20th Ave SW



7019-47th Ave SW #12


1737-45th Ave SW



3831-53rd Ave SW



2732-48th Ave SW


10243 California Ave SW



10249-36th Ave SW



8107-35th Ave SW


3537 SW 98th Street



1702-44th Ave SW



5228-45th Ave SW


2115 SW 120th Street



1417 SW Holden Street



7702-15th Ave SW


8642-10th Ave SW



3101 SW 104th Street



3827 SW Ida Street


5345 SW Manning Street



2732-48th Ave SW



9274-44th Ave SW


14914-46th Ave S



4045-53rd Ave SW



9678-48th Ave SW


9678-48th Ave SW



9409-44th Ave SW



10418-35th Ave SW


8125-15th Ave SW



10201-33rd Ave SW



3010 SW 109th Street


7120-17th Ave SW



5260-44th Ave SW



10203-47th Ave SW #201


7548-28th Ave SW



8158-20th Ave SW



Lot N of 8158-20th Ave SW


4409-44th Ave SW



3831-53rd Ave SW



8139-14th Ave SW


6748-18th Ave SW



4711-50th Ave SW



6340-23rd Ave SW


2328-44th Ave SW



10013-33rd Ave SW



2711 SW 105th Street


2754-53rd Ave SW



3812-35th Ave SW



9448-8th Ave SW


5019-51st Ave SW



4608 SW Walker Street



1241 S Henderson Street


2424 SW 105th Place



8450-32nd Ave SW



10618-34th Ave SW


4201-28th Ave SW



3728 SW Ida Street



4415 SW Seattle Street


12209 Marine View Drive SW



3049-60th Ave SW #2



6052-39th Ave SW


3103 SW Cloverdale Street



4163 Beach Drive SW #303



10231 California Ave SW


5466-21st Ave SW



7114-17th Ave SW



3725 SW 110th Street


3602 SW 108th Street



3054-36th Ave SW



4017-39th Ave SW


8856-32nd Ave SW



3936 SW Ida Street



4100 SW Holden Street


2515 SW 114th Street



1215 SW Myrtle Street



4101 SW Holden Street


9221-29th Ave SW



9014-31st Ave SW



4038-20th Ave SW


4431 Glenn Way SW



10205-36th Ave SW



2402 SW 106th Street


4007 SW Morgan Street



10051-41st Ave SW



11630-21st Ave SW


8411-13th Ave SW



2326-45th Ave SW



8450-32nd Ave SW


8402-7th Ave SW



7417 Gatewood Road SW



10203-47th Ave SW #201


1709 Victoria Ave SW



5422-46th Ave SW



8602-24th Ave SW


8133-27th Ave SW



10645-34th Ave SW



3805-46th Ave SW


5441-46th Ave SW



6669 Beveridge Place SW



2670 Belvidere Ave SW


3036-34th Ave SW



8402-45th Ave SW



5443-45th Ave SW


3860-34th Ave SW



11033-36th Ave SW



7925-15th Ave SW


4113 SW Thistle Street



5933-46th Ave SW



12221-1st Ave SW


2315 NE 65th St #N206



2640 47th Ave SW



308 E Summit #202


4137 25th Ave SW



4442 54th Ave SW



4106 Aikins Ave SW


3050 SW Dakota



Lot N of 3050 SW Dakota



12840 35th Ave S


6502 37th Ave SW



4557 49th Ave SW



3445 58th Ave SW


6503 39th Ave NE



12863 Shorecrest Drive SW



1231 SW 132nd Lane #1021


3816 35th Ave SW



4427 50th Ave SW



7317 222nd Ave E


14648 7th Ave SW



611 SW 142nd St



9008 34th Ave SW


5454 48th Ave SW



5638 Delridge Way SW



5644 Delridge Way SW


4222 SW 107th St



1140 Alki Ave SW



1925 E Miller Street


3546 SW 100th St



8627 11th Ave SW



10719 28th Ave SW


7994 172nd Place NE



1119 Elm Place SW



2312 Walnut Ave SW


13406 5th Ave SW



2610 SW Adams St



9269 44th Ave SW


9219 34th Ave SW



124 SW 154th St



7710 44th Ave SW


10832 37th Ave SW



11469 37th Ave SW



5257 37th Ave SW


4829 51st Ave SW



6531 Fauntleroy Way SW



3907 SW Kenyon St


13003 Shorewood Drive SW



6547 40th Ave SW



11469 37th Ave SW


1545 NW 57th Ave #426



3927 SW Kenyon St



521 N 90th St


1911 41st Ave SW



5750 SW Admiral Way



19919 Talbot Road South


16444 Marine View
  Drive SW
  5000 California  Ave SW #303   12406 Shorewood Drive SW
4444 44th Ave SW #301   11011 37th Ave SW   5010 SW Hinds St
5950 44th Ave SW   8408 20th Ave SW   1311 12th Ave S #B201
9351 32nd Ave SW   921 SW Webster St   655 Crockett St #A206
9716 28th Ave SW   6014 183rd St SW   4414 37th Ave SW
10721 26th Ave SW   11647 29th Ave SW   6519 21st Ave NW
3735 SW Rose St   7710 44th Ave SW   6547 40th Ave SW
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